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Everything’s Better Under a Tree

Everything’s Better Under a Tree leafy arms raised to the sky waving in the wind like fans at a sporting event providing shade, cleaning the air, anchoring the landscaping sheltering birds and squirrels and insects sometimes flowering, possibly offering fruit … Continue reading

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My Hair’s Covid Dreams

My hair is tired of stay-at-home orders. Tired of being held back by the ties of my face mask. My hair wants to be blowing free at the beach basking in the sun. My hair wants to hang in my … Continue reading

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new shoes

don’t take us out of the box we’re happy here, brand new as perfect as we’ll ever be don’t violate us with your stinky feet don’t destroy our perfect twinness we are each other’s ideal partner if you put mileage … Continue reading

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o spirit of rhyme and rhythm

amuse me, muse now tickle my imagination with whistles of whimsy and whit make the words flow from my pen and paint pictures with their cadences I am merely the stenographer who captures the images and mounts them on the … Continue reading

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two halves make the whole

the practical woman in me does the right thing the expected thing follows the rules chooses a theme devises a plan and then works according to plan makes well-thought-out decisions strives toward perfection the emotional one in me turns her … Continue reading

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i fear the sound

i fear the sound of splintering wood barely audible beneath the tempest’s roar i am the lighthouse keeper my mission is to save i stoke a flame behind the lens when wind and spray and torrents extinguish visibility my slow … Continue reading

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An Interview with Judy Dykstra-Brown, Teacher, Artist, Poet

This article first appeared on ARHtistic License. When I first started blogging more than six years ago, one of the first blogs I discovered was lifelessons–a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown. I took part in blogging challenges, and so did Judy. As … Continue reading

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Watermelon Poem

Watermelon by ARHuelsenbeck it takes both arms to carry you my green-striped beauty I can’t wait to plunge my long knife into your bright red flesh but first I clear an entire shelf in the fridge because you are best … Continue reading

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Imposter Grandmother

Starting with a line from Sylvia by ARHuelsenbeck they stand about in grandmotherly disguise these imposters they have no grandchildren so they acquire others’ by deceit luring them with cookies and other forbidden sweets knitting them scratchy sweaters in colors … Continue reading

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Pandemic Prayer

More than a year ago, I wrote this poem. It’s encouraging to think that we’re finally getting close to the end of this pandemic. Pandemic Prayer by ARHuelsenbeck Lord, I pray for an end to this pandemic and yet, as … Continue reading

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